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Welcome to Survayy

Survayy is ranked choice made simple. It is built to be easy to use, simple to understand, and to have fast performance.

What is a survey?

Surveys are lists of items that can be ranked by others. They are the core feature of Survayy. Anyone can create a survey and share it with whoever they want. The creation process only takes a couple minutes and responding is even faster! The results are available immediately and will update every time a new response is submitted.

Surveys can be created and responded to without signing up, but we think the membership benefits are worth it!

Why sign up?

Becoming a Survayy member is completely free and comes with a ton of benefits, including:
  •  Maximum survey length increased from 10 to 100 items
  •  Surveys can be customized during creation and edited later
  •  Dashboard to keep track of surveys and responses
  •  Dynamic survey creation
  •  Customizable display name, color theme, and notifications

Welcome to Survayy

Ranked choice made simple

Create a list of items to be ranked

Share the list with anyone

View the Results immediately


Do you have a list of items you want others to rank? Build your survey now! All you need are the items on your list and a title. Each survey is assigned a unique ID for you to share with others.

Survayy members can further customize their surveys.


Did you receive a survey ID from someone else? Did you create a survey and want to respond to it? Enter the ID to start your response.


Did you create or respond to a survey and want to see the results? Use the survey ID to view the results, including others' rankings.

Free Membership

Survayy membership is 100% free.

Premium Surveys

Member surveys can have up to 100 items and receive up to 100,000 responses. Non-member surveys are limited to 10 items and 100 responses.

Surveys can be customized in multiple ways, such as adding a tiebreaker, limiting who can respond, and keeping the results private. All of this (and more) is accessed on the member dashboard.

Dynamic Surveys

Membership includes the ability to create dynamic surveys. Instead of using a predetermined list, dynamic surveys allow respondents to submit their own lists.

The creator can merge response items into groups if they are not exact matches. For example: "7," "seven," and "VII" could all be merged into "Seven" from responses to the "Best Numbers" survey.

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Always Helpful

Every Survayy page has a help menu to explain what you're looking at. If you're ever not sure of the meaning of something, simply click on the help icon  in the top right.

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Custom Experience

Survayy allows all users to customize their experience with colored themes. To change your theme, open the menu  in the top left and click on the appearance icon .

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Theme color and dark mode can be toggled in the menu  from any Survayy page.

Members can select a custom color in their dashboard settings.