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Standard surveys are a specific list of items defined by you, the survey's creator. Your respondents will rank this list of items, leading to results based on the point value assigned for each response rank.

Dynamic surveys are a flexible list of items defined by the respondents. The creator will set the amount of items per response, but the content of each response will vary.

Dynamic surveys are only available for verified Survayy members.

Survey Title

The title of your new survey. This will be the first thing people see when submitting a response or viewing the results. This field is required and can't be modified later.

6-digit PIN Optional

Add a PIN to your survey to limit who can submit a response. The PIN will also be required to view the results.

Survayy members can add, edit, or remove the PIN on their dashboard.

Allowed PINs: 000000-999999.

Items to Be Ranked

Minimum: 2

The items you want ranked by your target audience. To ensure fair and accurate results, these can't be modified later. It is recommended to ensure the spelling and punctuation are accurate before submitting.

If you would like to remove an item before submitting, you can use the button. This allows you to remove any unwanted items, excluding the first two. It is not necessary to remove empty fields before submission.

Guest surveys are limited to 10 items while Survayy members can use up to 100 items. To add more, use the button.

Duplicates are not allowed, regardless of capitalization.

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Items to Be Ranked