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Survey Title

This survey's title is Do you want to learn from: ?.

Items to be Ranked

This survey has 5 items to be ranked. The order of items is randomly generated and does not reflect the original order or the current results.

Drag and Drop (Basics)

Items can be dragged then dropped between others. An arrow will indicate what the selected item's new placement will be when the item is released. If you are dragging an item and do not see an arrow, then you are too far away from the list. Releasing an item without seeing the arrow will drop it back to its original position.

Drag and Drop (Scrolling)

Depending on the amount of items and the size of your screen, you may not see the position where you would like to drop an item. While dragging an item, hold it near the bottom of the screen to scroll down. If you would like to scroll up while holding an item, then hold it against the Survayy header.

Important: if you drag off the screen, then the list will stop scrolling, even if you are still holding the item. Only drag down/up until the item stops following your movement and the list starts scrolling. Releasing the item while scrolling will drop the item back to its original position.

The list will scroll 5 items at a time.

Submit Response

Once you have ranked the items, it is time to submit your response. Enter the name that you would like to show on the results page. A PIN may be required by the survey's creator.

Do you want to learn from: ?



Virtual Reality








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