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Survey Title

This survey's title is Kinda Funny's GOTY 2023.

Items to be Ranked

Submit your custom response items for this survey. This survey has 10 items to be ranked. Duplicates are not allowed, regardless of capitalization. You must submit at least two but are not required to fill out all items. If you skip a spot, then all items will be shifted up for your response.

For example, if the survey is asking for 10 responses, and you only submit #1, #2, and #10 then your response will be recorded as submitting #1, #2, and #3.

Tip: try to spell everything correctly. It is up to the survey's creator to combine items that are meant as the same thing but spelled/punctuated differently. Capitalization does not affect this.

Submit Response

Once you have ranked the items, it is time to submit your response. Enter the name that you would like to show on the results page. A PIN may be required by the survey's creator.

Kinda Funny's GOTY 2023