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Each item's rank, determined by the most points. There is the possibility of ties, depending on the survey's settings.


The items that were submitted by the survey's respondents. If the survey creator merged responses, then they are grouped together as a single item.


The total points of each item. This is determined by the item's ranking in each response and the survey's response point values, which can be viewed on the results page's Details tab.

The following metrics are determined on an individual-item basis. This is done by taking the rank of the item in each response, ordering them from least to most, then applying the necessary formula to the list.

Interquartile Range (IQR)

IQR removes the first and last 25% from an item's list of ranks. Of the remaining 50%, the IQR is the difference between the highest and lowest rank. A lower IQR means consistency in the item's response ranks.

The IQR is weighed heavily when determining tiebreakers because it is a good indicator of consistency after removing outliers.

Median Rank

The median rank is the middle number from an item's list of ranks. If there is an even number of responses, then it will be the average between the two closest to the middle.

Median is weighed less than IQR when determining tiebreakers but is still an indicator of consistency.

Standard Deviation

Standard deviation measures the spread of the response ranks. Just like IQR, a lower standard deviation means consistency in the item's response ranks.

Although standard deviation can be a great measure of consistency, it works better with a normal distribution of ranks. Due to the nature of surveys, a large number of outliers can be common. Because of this, standard deviation is weighed lightly when determining tiebreakers.

Average Rank

The average rank is the sum of an item's list of ranks divided by the number of responses with that item.

This is barely weighed for tiebreakers.

Mode Rank(s)

The mode is the rank that the item was placed in the most. If a survey has few responses, then it is more likely to have multiple modes.

Mode is not applied to tiebreakers.

Response Count

For dynamic surveys, this is the total number of responses that includes each item.

Dynamic surveys weigh this extremely high when determining tiebreakers. This is because a low response count can greatly distort all other statistics.

Rank Item Points Interquartile
3The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom61112.562.2917
4Marvel's Spider-Man 2414.503.52.934.1726
5Alan Wake 235133435
6Baldur's Gate 3251.5031.532.671, 3, 43
7Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty232.254.52.635.253, 4, 5, 94
8Starfield212.5052.6541, 5, 63
9Lies of P200.5050.82664
9Final Fantasy XVI20323.214.332, 3, 83
11Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon182.5062.6552, 6, 73
12Hi-Fi Rush172.7572.226.754, 6, 8, 94
13Star Wars Jedi: Survivor151.2562.067.2574
13Diablo IV151.502.52.123.502, 52
15Sea of Stars14141.4143, 52
16Super Mario Bros. Wonder133.5063.516.673, 7, 103
16God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla130.503.50.714.504, 52
18Street Fighter 69020221
19Chants of Sennaar8060772
19Pikmin 48161.4176, 82
19Only Up!8020331
22Venba71.506.52.127.506, 92
22Party Animals7030441
22Before Your Eyes7030441
22Dead Space Remake7030441
26Disney Illusion Island5060661
27Cocoon4191.4198, 102
28Outlast Trials3070881
28Blasphemous 23070881
30Resident Evil 4 Remake2080991
30Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores2080991
30The Finals2080991
34Persona 5 Tactica109010101
34Super Mario RPG109010101
34Texas Chainsaw109010101
34Dead Island 2109010101
34Dave the Diver109010101